Here you can find a collection of art directions, stage designs, models and movie props I've done throughout my time at CalArts.

The Hive Ship is a model space ship I've designed for the Hive Mind stop motion animation project. It is by far the best model I've ever built.

I've designed, fabricated and finished the "Magic School Bus" piece for the annual Drag Ball event at California Institute of the Arts.

Catharsis Experiment is my latest on-going film project, it is an experimental short horror film utilizing stop motion animation, live action and miniature sceneries to construct a captivating adventure.

The Far Away Experience is a scenic design project based on Caryl Churchill's play Far Away.

Streetbrawler 2050 is a racing game concept I developed in early 2018. It's my own take on designing cyberpunk-style race cars and writing a script for a future video game development.

Echo Worlds is a USC student film directed by Travis Misenti, I was tasked to design several important props for this production.

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