Here are several stopmotion projects I've worked on in the last several years. I've built the majorities of sets for these films as well as fabricated a huge verieties of props via carpentry, metal works, model kit-bashing and 3D printing.

With Love, Escargot is an ongoing stop motion animation film production created by Kesiah Manival. I've created the majority of miniatures and props for this film, as well as helping her with production design and set building.
I've made some western-themed prop weapons for Lily Lizotte's Here Lies, utilizing a combinations of techinques and had lots of fun making them.

An experimental stop motion film directed by Flora Xia and produced by us together, it's by far our most challenging project.

A short animation directed, produced and animated by myself, Parallel Parking is my latest attempt in creating a futuristic dystopian world.

"The Cat" is a puppet I made for Lesley Padien's Symbiotic Puppet Fabrication class. it's the best puppet I've built by far.

A puppet to test out animation techniques.

The Wanderer is an experimental symbiotic puppet. He is a giant hermit crab living inside of an abandoned vessel.

A 22-minute-long stop motion film directed and produced by Flora Xia. We've worked tightly together to produce this epic film back when we were still in high school.

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